Pastel Swirl


I am a self-taught artist and started creating abstract art when I left the world of Interior Design in 2016 to help and support my parents. It was a difficult time and I needed to find a distraction from the challenges I faced.  Shortly after, I wondered what I could do to still have a way to express my creativity.


I soon discovered a new beauty and escapism. So many feelings, expressions and ideas could now be shown in colour with different mediums and materials. I particularly enjoy using colour and texture in my paintings to display movement and to show my emotional connection with each piece along with music.

Before I start to create a piece of art, I set the scene, mostly, with a selection of carefully chosen music, (which could be chilled Meditation, Jazz, Soul, or Soft Reggae.  With my materials to hand, I allow the creative process to begin.  My aim is to produce works of art based on my experiences and feelings with the help of the music I listen to. My aim is to create art that will inspire, enhance positivity, wellbeing and love!


Carol Jacqueline