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Art Wallcovering

I'm currently refurbishing parts of my home and it has been a joy to do the research on what changes I could make. Of course I will be excited to show some of my art, but I am also keen to showcase other design elements such as wall coverings, tiles, flooring styles and colour. Once lockdown was eased I was able to visit some shops to see what was out there. It was refreshing to get out, but still with social distancing. This project is helping to divert my attention onto something positive and enjoyable particularly in the current climate. It has taken me back to when I was working as an Interior Designer which would consume most of my time. I love seeing how homes are put together and all the furnishings and art that make each one different from the other. I notice the art in a room, the colours that sometimes jump out and the personality of a room. It's quite exciting to me!

One of my favourite interior magazines is Elle Decoration. I was glancing through it and came across a beautiful wall covering that caught my eye. It is the 'Niveum' design by Eva Germani. (Supplier - West One Bathrooms).The difference with this wall covering is that it is waterproof. It is designed for wet or damp areas such as showers, bathrooms, basements etc. I love the concept of a wall covering instead of tiles and in the picture you will see a design that I absolutely love!

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