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Paints Galore!

When I start to paint, I need to set the scene with my music and the materials I plan to use. I mainly paint with brushes or I create fluid art pieces with a designated medium.(These are my two favourite styles of painting).

So what paints do I need to get started? I tend to use good quality acrylic paints as they are so versatile and can be used on most surfaces. There are so many brands out there with a variety of colours and the quality does differ quite a bit. I mainly use Liquitex and Golden depending on the effect I want to create, as these have a quality hue that does not thin out too easily. I love colour, and I usually have a good range of colours ready at my fingertips to choose from. My choices are based on the mood I am in at the time, particularly when I put on soft music to get me in the mood. I use my emotions and feelings from the music to help with the energy I need to create each piece. It helps to get me into a particular mindset for creating my pieces.

As I mentioned, I love colour! I can get a little carried away when I need to top up my supplies. Sometimes I aim to reduce the colours I use in order to create something a little bit different but end up adding more. It simply felt better to me at the time. I also enjoy using iridescent or metallic colours and you will see in some of my pieces that I use these regularly.

If you wish to experiment yourself, try getting some basic paints (any brand) and brushes to get the feel of the paint. Use any paper or cardboard to enable you to see how it feels before moving onto more costly surfaces or canvas. Keep practising and you will see a difference over a period of time. If you have any questions, visit my instagram page #caroljacquelineart and send me a message or reach out to me via the website Contact link. If you are going to give it a go, good luck!

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