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Shades of Pink

I love various shades of colours, but my particular favourites are blues, greens and pink. Today I am going to talk about pink as it is a colour that I truly adore. It's a warm, soft and happy colour yet can sometimes stand strongly by itself, especially the magentas and crimsons. I have decided to show some shades from my garden. I have picked what remains of the early summer flowers and didn't realise just how much pink I have in my garden. You will see that I use it in some of my art pieces. It's a colour that I am going to use a little bit more often as I tend to run with the blues and greens mostly.

For interiors, little accents of colour in your soft furnishings such as cushions, pillows, bedding or curtains can inject some interest into a tired room. Particularly on grey days like today, just seeing a little colour (even if it isa bunch of flowers) can make a difference. I've picked mine today and they smell absolutely gorgeous - an added bonus for me!

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